IT service providers aid in delivering technical expertise to SMBs at a much lower cost than hiring IT staff internally. They can recommend, install and manage your IT infrastructure to ensure that your critical data stays protected. That is why many SMBs are outsourcing IT to an external IT services provider. However, there are many considerations for SMBs to think through before making this transition. n this blog, we have summed up some key factors that your business should consider when deciding to outsource IT.

What Is an MSP or IT Service Provider?

An MSP, or managed service provider, is an IT partner to whom SMBs can outsource their IT needs when they aren’t able to handle them internally. MSPs can deliver ongoing monitoring and management of client assets remotely while also taking on a wide variety of IT solutions implemented by the contracting business. These solutions can include web apps, backup and disaster recovery, security and management software.

At the fraction of the price of housing an internal IT team, an MSP can offer their expertise on IT solutions and provide top-notch service.

Why Should your Company Outsource their IT?

Moving some or all tasks to an external IT service provider can free up time, resources and allow a company to focus more on its core competencies instead of day-to-day IT tasks. This is especially important for SMBs who are stretched thin from a staffing and financial standpoint. Each company might have different needs as to why they would like to partner with an external IT service provider—no two reasons are the same. Regardless, companies adopt a partnership with these providers to improve upon some or all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

Some of the top reasons or benefits as to why SMBs might outsource their IT are:

  • Cost savings
  • Higher quality of work provided
  • Greater flexibility
  • A broader IT knowledge base
  • Regulation compliance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Faster resolution times
  • Do any of these benefits look like they could help you?
  • Selecting the Right Provider

When selecting an IT service provider to partner with, SMBs want to look for an organization that has developed an extensive level of professionalism and expertise. IT professionals work very closely with private data, so choosing an outsourcing company that can manage this information properly is important. Be sure to look for a company that has policies and standards implemented and ones that can handle your IT needs without an issue. To really understand a provider, look at past experiences with clients and decide if they will be a good fit for your needs.

Are You Ready to Take the Jump?

There are a variety of reasons why SMBs would need assistance from an external IT service provider. Companies on the smaller side can stand to reduce IT costs while getting the IT expertise that they deserve. If your business hasn’t considered outsourcing IT, what are you waiting for?

Want to learn more about outsourcing IT and what it could mean for your business—check out additional blogs in our resources section.


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