Our Past Projects

Cinder Bar (a local Brick Fire Oven Pizzeria & Bar) was getting ready to open and contacted E3 IT Services to assist in getting all workstations networked together as well as setup Wi-Fi to be capable of covering the entire building for both employees and guests. Wi-Fi also had to be capable of segmenting traffic between private company users and guests. To accomplish this E3 IT Services installed four Ubiquiti enterprise class wireless access points to properly cover the area as well as have software options to limit guest user access. Access points were also configured to request that guests accept a custom disclaimer before allowing connection and redirection to restaurant webpage after successful connection. Two MAC workstations were installed to handle advertisements, menu and specials on TV screens. In order to modify the offerings that the MACS could display, a MAC workstation in the office was to be configured for remote access to each. To accomplish this E3 IT Services installed a Netgear FVS318n Firewall Router to handle local network traffic and setup each MAC properly with power options, remote settings, and user availability. E3 IT Services ran data lines to all workstations and back to patch panel on wall as well as mount and setup network switches, router and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup units to handle all network equipment.
Clients expanded to a new office that was located in the same complex but not directly next to the existing office. E3 IT Services worked with building superintendent and various other companies in the Main Street Voorhees complex to gain access to their offices and space and run two up-link cables, one for data and one for voice for use in the client’s new office. After data wires where ran E3 IT Services wired office with 16 data runs including voice and data. New network data and voice switches were installed and configured to run second office. Verified connection to the server and installed Wi-Fi into new office.
Vaughan’s Service Technicians are equipped with special service trucks and visit most clients during regular business hours. However, Vaughan makes sure technicians are on call to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the winter months when it’s below freezing outside, customers with no heat appreciate service in a timely manner. In order to meet customer expectations, Vaughan service technicians need information on their clients’ accounts, such as equipment service records, payment status, and when they received their last delivery…
Municipal employees were using an old outdated e-mail platform and server that was limiting their abilities to respond quickly to e-mails and keep appropriate e-mail records. E3 IT Services offered a new Office365 Exchange solution. E-mail would be hosted in the cloud and would be able to sync with all devices. E3 IT Services migrated all current e-mails from the old e-mail Server to the new Office365 Platform. Setup and configured 50 e-mail accounts in Outlook and all devices needed to access e-mail.
Previous Restaurant’s POS (Point-Of-Sale) equipment and networking data locations needed to be identified. Existing demarcation point (wiring closet) was a mess and completely mislabeled. Closet must be clean and easily identifiable for future wiring incidents. New firewall was to be installed. Office computers were configured to securely connect to the Internet with remote access to MAC workstations used for Music and Digital Menus. Used tracing tool to identify all data/voice lines that were ran for previous POS system. Removed old POS patch panel and replaced with new 48 port panel with correctly labeled ports. Assisted with POS vendor to install and any IP or link issues with POS system and printers. Set-up and installed HDMI TV baluns. Installed Netgear SSL Firewall for internal network and IP addressing. Connected all devices to new 24 port patch panel for DJ booth and internal office. Configured MAC workstations for Remote capabilities and power management for minimal user interaction. Installed and configured Wi-Fi network for dinning room, bar and patio with centralized management for seamless movement between Wireless Access Points.

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